This charter applies to all members of WEST HILLS Airlines, regardless of their position, position, age and moral and religious worldviews. Each employee of the airline in the course of their activities is obliged to adhere to this charter.


1. General Provisions.

1.1. The virtual airline WEST HILLS Airlines (hereinafter VA) was created as a community of aviation enthusiasts and amateurs, as a means of informal communication, joint flights, studying aircraft and modern flight simulators.
1.2. VA is fictional, and all logos and designs are property of VA.
1.3. VA is not a commercial organization.
1.4. VA operates in the virtual manager of FSAirlines airlines using flight simulators X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and others.
1.5. Home airport UUWW (VKO) - Vnukovo, Moscow, Russia. Additional hub in Vladivostok, UHWW (VVO).

2. Domestic policy.

2.1. All VA pilots are equal in their rights, have the same positions and titles.
2.2. Enrollment in the VA is carried out by submitting an application on the VA website and interviewing the management.
2.3. The IA management reserves the right to refuse admission to the staff if it considers that theoretical and practical knowledge is insufficient to perform safe flights.
2.4. Pilots have the right to fly at any time convenient for them, must be active members of the VA community.
2.5. Pilots are prohibited from speaking negatively to other pilots and IA participants, to other VAs and their employees, to discuss things prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, to disseminate internal IA information, to defame the name of VA and their employees in any way. For violation of these rules, the pilot is excluded from the VA.

3. Performing flights.

3.1. Once enrolled in the VA, the pilot is required to complete two safe training flights, complying with VA and FSAirlines rules. The number of training flights can be increased if the training flights did not comply with the rules.
3.2. After completing the training flights, the pilot is transferred to regular VA flights.
3.3. The pilot is granted a permit for the aircraft on which he underwent training flights.
3.4. A pilot has the right to obtain admission to any aircraft in the VA fleet after completing two training flights on it.
3.5. The IA's management has the right to refuse a pilot's admission to regular flights, or revoke his admission if the pilot regularly violates the flight rules established by VA and FSAirlines.
Basic information about the IA's work and activities, an application form, a form for contacting management and a link to the IA community are posted on the IA website.

General Director (CEO) - Andrey Grigoriev.
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